The library is a key to the world of knowledge and acquisition of knowledge will help enlighten the personality of an individual. A well-housed and well-managed library is the foundation of modern educational structure. To keep pace with the ever-expanding field of knowledge the library is being updated from time to time

Library has a rich collection of books capable of meeting the changing needs and demands of present and future was established along with the inception of the University. It is indeed a book lover’s paradise and oasis for the knowledge thirsty people.

Our library is completely automated by making use of the Information Technology. The users are given free of cost access to internet.

Salient Features

  • The library is kept open from 9.00 a.m to 4.30 p.m on all working days.
  • "Books are for use and not Preservation" With this dictum our Library functions. Hence the Open Access followed
  • Loan of books to members is through Identify Cards with Bar-Coding.
  • Photocopying facility is available on the library. It provides an invaluable service to the student.
  • A convenient spacious reading area with 60 seating capacity is available within the library
  • Separate sections for text books, reference books, Journals, Periodicals, Back volumes, Project reports with Internet access available

Rules and Regulations

Students should strictly adhere following rules while they are in the library.

  • Strict discipline and silence are to be observed in the Library.
  • Students should enter their name and sign the entry register kept at the entrance before entering the library.
  • Each user would be provided with library cards for issue of books.
  • No bags, personal books or notebooks will be allowed in the library. A single sheet of paper can be used for taking notes.
  • Students should not wear apron in the library. 
  • Issue of books for home – Each student would be issued two books at a time for a period of ten days.
  • Reissue of books by a user may be allowed maximum twice more after first issue.
  • Borrowed books should be returned on or before the due date. If a book is not returned within the stipulated time, a fine of Rs. 2/- per day will be charged.
  • The student will be held responsible for any damage to the borrowed books.
  • If an issued book is lost by the student, then the same should be replaced with the latest edition.
  • The "No dues certificate" will be issued only after returning all the borrowed books and clearing the fine amount, if any.


Mrs.   Salini PN, MLIS    –    9605413876

Assistant  Librarian

Fr. Kuriakose John, MLIS -  9961075592